A friend for the pilots

Pilots could also use a 24-hours watch. Not because of the absence of a day/night cycle, but because of their jumping over several time zones... especially in Russia ! If you take off from Moscow and fly east towards the sun, your perception of time can be greatly altered : a 24-hours watch will come in handy. This is, by the way, the purpose of the GMT hand on most standard pilot watches: it gives you a point of reference and lets you figure out how long ago your journey started.

This watch is a beautiful example of a pilot's watch, featuring a complex system to display the hours, as well as what a symbol of what is known in the aviation world as an "artificial horizon" : a symbolic representation of an airplane in front of a display showing the relative position of the craft relative to the horizon. When the night or bad weather impair visibility, this instrument lets you know if you are going up or down.

Just under the artificial horizon, the star represents the Red Army, and the words written below read: "Made in the USSR".

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