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Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: leather, nylon

Mineral glass
Dimensions (mm): 41 x 37 x 8.4
Movement: Ronda 515.24H

(quartz, Switzerland)
Warranty: 1 year


As Soviet space missions became longer, cosmonauts were equipped with 24-hour watches. Orion pays a tribute to them, with its black and blue dial inspired by the giant screens of a control room and its theme recalling the space conquest, from Sputnik to Curiosity. By the way, it is a control screen from the movie The Martian that inspired our designer to conceive this watch!

With its black dial, Orion is probably our most formal watch. It also looks like the simplest. But every detail on it is also a story of its own.

- Black and blue: the colors most associated with space. It is a strange notion, to think of "colors" in space, when they are nothing but a construct of human perception, quite out of place in this realm of pure physics. All the beautiful photos taken by the Hubble space telescope were actually colorized by NASA before being published. Still, black and blue are the most often used colors when depicting space, and Kosmos 24 is not only about science, it also is about human imagination!

- Control room: The overall design of Orion was inspired by classic Hollywood space movies, such as "The Martian" and "Apollo 13". This is why the dial features depictions of orbital trajectories; and the black and blue colors come into play again, as a nod to old computer displays.

- Spaceship: The triangular rocket featured on Orion was one day a candidate to become the Kosmos 24 logo. We loved the way it used constructivist principles to represent the conquest of space. Eventually, we moved on to the logo that you know, but we wanted to keep a track of the original Kosmos rocket, both as an homage to the early ships of the space race and as a reminder of our own origins as a young brand ready for take-off!


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