How to order one or several KOSMOS 24 watches?

Just visit our online store at this address. It works like any other online store: once you have added your watches to your cart, proceed to confirming the order, then specify the delivery address and move on to payment. You are welcome to contact us directly if you are experiencing any difficulties.


About delivery:
How will you handle deliveries?
Delivery will be processed from France. Please note that if you indicated a delivery address outside the European Union, you may be required to pay customs duties, depending on the custom authorities of your countries.


Payment & security:

All payments are made by credit card on our online store. Payments are processed by Checkout Portal, from the German company Wirecard AG, a specialist in secure online transactions.

Manufacturing & quality control:
Where are your watches manufactured? Will they be reliable?
Our watches are made in China, in the Shenzen Special Economic Zone by a well-known manufacturer, strong with 30 years of experience. Subject to strict quality controls the watch is powered by a Swiss quartz movement: your KOSMOS 24 should work well far beyond the warranty.

Your watch is designed in Russia, why not produce it directly there?
In the current conditions, without significant investment to improve the manufacturing tools, the average Russian producers tend to offer a lower quality for a higher unit price and significantly longer production times. The Russian watch industry, with rare exceptions, remains in a precarious state, far from the excellence achieved under the USSR.

Why did not you at least use a Russian movement?
Nowadays there are very few 24-hour movements available on the market, regardless of their nationality. It appeared that the Swiss Ronda 515.24h movement was the only one to propose a quality / price ratio in line with our project.


Warranty & replacement:
How long will the warranty apply?
KOSMOS 24 watches come with a warranty period of one year from the original date of purchase. A certificate of warranty is included with the notice.

Is a replacement (full change of the watch) possible?
If a replacement is needed, KOSMOS 24 cannot guarantee that you will receive the same model. If your model is unavailable, a watch of equivalent value will be provided. If KOSMOS 24 is unable to send you a replacement watch, a full refund will be applied.

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