We have designed wristbands that are not only elegant, but also very easy to switch and remove, taking full advantage of the NATO system while retaining their formal style. 
We are very proud of the solution we've found. To allow us to get it into mass production, we will integrate it as a "stretch goal" into our Kickstarter campaign. And hopefully, in a few short months, this simple, yet elegant solution to make practical meet formal will be on everybody's wrist!

We have designed a different wristband to go with each one of our watches:

- The right one is entirely black, with black stitching: we will associate it with Arktika.

- The middle one is also black, but it sports a very elegant light blue stiching. As you probably guessed, this one will go with the decidedly black&blue Orion!

- Finally, the left one is a beautiful dark brown with beige stitching providing a bit of a twist. And that one will come along with Révolution.

But that's not all! We have also strayed away from the standard leather lining and picked nubuck for the inside of our wristbands. This gives them a very soft touch and make them extremely comfortable to wear. Another simple but very substantial improvement over standard wristbands!

All three wristbands were made in Moscow by our very talented partner, the Marcel Robert Workshop. Thanks and congratulations to them!

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