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Ice fields.
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Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: leather, nylon

Mineral glass
Dimensions (mm): 41 x 37 x 8.4
Movement: Ronda 515.24H

(quartz, Switzerland)
Warranty: 1 year



Did you know that the first man to set foot on the Geographic North Pole was Russian? Nansen, Peary and Amundsen all reached only the magnetic pole, but fell short of the Geographic pole. It was soviet explorer Ivan Papanin who, in 1937, became the first man to plant his flag on the North Pole, landing his plane 8 kilometers from his target before finishing on foot. He and his crew were then picked up by an icebreaker 9 months later. Arktika is a testament to him and all the conquerors of the poles.
With its icy design, its geometric forms reminding of an iceberg field and dotted lines reminding of an itinerary on a map, it is as elegant as it is full of meaning. And during the polar night, you could definitely use a 24-hours dial…

Last but not least in our first collection, let's take a look at the different features of "Arktika"!

- Ice fields: The grey, white and blue shapes of "Arktika" are made to remind of a chaotic ice field. During the conquest of the poles in the early 20th century, ice fields were a deadly danger for polar expeditions: they could imprison a ship and crush it completely in a matter of days. The invention of icebreaker ships in the second half of the century eventually made the arctic seas safer to sail - still, they remain a formidable challenge!

- Geometry: Like we did with "Révolution", we wanted to hint at the principles of Russian avant-garde with "Arktika". The geometric shapes of a dislocating ice field were a perfect opportunity to do so.

- Dotted lines: If you take a very close look at "Arktika", you will notice that some of the lines on its dial are dotted. This is not an accident, but a nod to the way we represent an expedition's itinerary on a map.

- Striped strap: the blue and white nylon strap is a reference to the traditional sailor uniform that has become standard all around the world.

- Name: "Arktika" is not only the Russian word for "Arctic", it also pays respect to the nuclear icebreaker "Arktika", the first surface ship in History to reach the North Pole. You can read more about that journey in one of our "Stories of Space and Time"!

It was very satisfying seeing all those inspirations fall into place to create "Arktika". This watch is the very first design we agreed upon, and it was obvious from the very first sketch we were onto something harmonious. A beautiful watch and a beautiful way to pay our respects to the many scientists, sailors and explorers who paved mankind's way to the Poles!


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