watches like those worn by cosmonauts and explorers, reinvented for

the modern world.

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Regular watches with their 12 hours dials are made for places where the sun rises and sets: based on day and night cycle you can tell, when you look at your watch and when the hour hand points at 6, whether it is six o'clock in the evening or in the morning. But in space, at the North Pole or at the bottom of the oceans, you can’t tell whether it’s day or night, and regular dials become useless. To solve this problem, the Soviets invented new watches, whose 24-hour dial allowed polar explorers, cosmonauts and submarine operators to keep time.

Of course, nowadays, you can simply use a digital watch... or take a look at your smartphone. But these strange watches have a unique beauty and a story to tell. The story of a time when we were sending people into space and on the moon on rudimentary vessels whose computers were less powerful than a pocket calculator, a time when we were exploring the poles wearing leather jackets and flying on wooden planes, where we dived to the bottom of the oceans simply because it was possible.

We decided to offer a new life to these watches and open a new page of their history, and we are glad that you chose to join us in this journey! Welcome to the world of Kosmos 24.

designed in Russia

Our watches were designed in Moscow by a young Russian designer, Anna Karakozova. We worked for months on each small detail of each dial, and are very proud of the balance we finally found between an aesthetic inspired by the Russian avant-garde of the 1920s and a tribute to the golden age of the space race in the 1960s, while remaining elegant and modern.

To ensure that our watches respected our vision and were completely flawless, we designed our prototypes in collaboration with Konstantin Chaykin, the best watchmaker in Russia. President of the Academy of Independent Watch creators, having earned several awards at the Baselworld forum, Konstantin designed the case for our watches, their plans, and assembled for us our first three prototypes.




When we designed our watches, it was very difficult to choose what type of bracelet to offer: a formal and elegant leather strap or a more colorful and casual NATO nylon strap?

Finally, we chose to do both! We have invented a leather strap as easy to replace as a NATO nylon model, and each Kosmos 24 comes with two interchangeable straps which you can change without using any tools, so you can adapt them to your style and your mood.

your watch,

your story


The Kosmos 24 dials do not display any logo or brand name. And even on the back of your watch, the strap completely conceals the Kosmos 24 logo. It's not an accident. We want our watches to be works of art that you will be proud to wear, not traveling billboards. The brand keeps a low profile: the story is about you and your watch!

Kosmos 24 was entirely funded on Kickstarter, a leading crowdfunding website that lets people support independent projects. We have launched our campaign in the spring of 2017 and gathered thanks to you enough funds to launch our brand! Thank you very much!

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